About Us


Bonanza Megah .Ltd is a reliable supplier of Shortening, Margarine, BOS (Butter Oil Substitute), Coconut Oil, Deep Frying etc. We are proud to be accredited with the ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality Management Systems and always strive to ensure that our products are consistent and of excellence.

Bonanza Megah has been a generation to generation passed down family business. In here, we ensure our customers get access to quality products at the best competitive prices with a first class service.

We will consistently work hard on a daily basis to achieve better productivity and efficiency, and to also keep the closest attention to every detail so as to maintain the highest standards of performance and services.



We strive to be a leading global company that promotes healthier living through our products, while ensuring that customers needs are met beyond expectations through our top-notch service.


To develop edible oils and fats of the highest quality standards at competitive pricing while ensuring that they are produced in a responsible and sustainable method.