Product Detail


Premium general purpose shortening with excellent plasticity and good creaming properties, ensuring optimum quality for all baked products.

Multipurpose shortening with excellent melting point (ranging from 36°C to 52°C)
Soft and smooth texture for easy mixing. They are formulated for good aeration and creaming properties, with excellent plasticity.
Solid vegetable fat: 100% palm oil with antioxidant
Tasteless, odorless, white color

Provides tenderness and improved texture in baked goods. Without it, dough will be tough when baked.

Food: cooking, frying, ice cream, chocolate, hot pot, baked goods (bread, biscuit, cream filling, whip cream)
Non-food: candles

Shelf life: 24 months in original packing

Trans fat-free, Hydrogenation-free, Cholesterol-free, GMO-free