Product Detail


Multipurpose margarine with excellent melting point (ranging from 36°C to 52°C)
Soft and smooth texture for easy mixing. They are formulated for good aeration and creaming properties, with excellent plasticity.
Buttery flavor and aroma, yellow color

Premium all purpose margarine to ensure high volume, delicious mouth feel and homogeneity in bread, biscuits and other baked products.

Provides tenderness and improved texture in baked goods. Without it, dough will be tough when baked.
Improve mouth feel and flavor in baked goods
Cheaper substitute for butter but with same quality

Food: baked goods (biscuits, cookies, cakes, breads, pastries, waffles, crackers), pan-fried foods, sauces,

Shelf life: 18 months in original packing

Trans fat-free, Hydrogenation-free, Cholesterol-free, GMO-free